Patchwork quilt step by step

Patchwork quilt step by step
In this post I will show how to make a beautiful quilt for your baby patcwork
PATCHWORK COMFORTER OF FOOTSTEPS - how to make a patchwork quilt step by step
Material: 10 cm of white fabric, orange fabric 10 cm, 10 cm of brown cloth, 10 cm of fabric light pink, 10 cm beige fabric with circles, 10 cm pink fabric with beige acrylic blanket 1 meter, 1.5 meters of fabric light green, 40cm green cloth with balls, line, ruler, circle cutter, pin, scissors, sewing machine, cardboard.

1. Pass the mold of sheep to the cardboard. Transfer six times the body design of the sheep to the white fabric and six times each paw and head to the orange fabric. Cut out the drawings. Cut six 18cm squares plaid fabric and light green. With the aid of pins, attach the blanket with fabric. To assemble the oveihas, attach the legs first, then the body and finally the head. Sew a decorative stitch machine with all around the sheep line with orange stitching and white. Cut three strips 9 x 18 cm fabric with green balls and acrylic blanket. Attach the fabric to the mat with pins. Place the strips alternating squares. Una squares with strips sewing machine, right side with the right.

 2. Cut four strips 9 x 43 cm strips and two 9 x 80 cm tissue with green balls and the blanket. Attach the strips to the quilt with pins. Place the four smaller strips alternating rows and two larger strips on the sides. Sew the rows on the machine and the sides with the top, joining right to right. Take the leftovers. Cut two strips of 5 cm tissue orange, pink with beige, light pink, brown and beige with circles. Sew the machine strips each other forming two major bands with five strips each. Cutting the strip in rows 5 cm wide. Splice them to form two strips on the size of the top side of the part. Cut the size of the blanket strips. Join the blanket with the strips with the help of pins.

3. Sew one strip to the other alternating squares. Attach the straps to the top of the piece sewing right with right. To the side of the piece, cut the fabric light green blanket and four strips of 10 cm from the side of the top. Attach the fabric with pins holding the blanket. Sew the sides with the top part joining right to right.

 4. To make the lining, cut the fabric light green as the length of the piece, leaving 1 cm to spare. Una right to right and top of the fabric. Sew all around leaving an opening. Untap the opening piece. For finishing, the entire tack side of the workpiece. With black stitching, hand embroider the eyes of the sheep with normal point. Tip: in each square position the head of the ram in different ways to diversify the design.

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